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We can help you establish a new credit history with a 700 credit score in 21 days while repairing your primary credit.


Over the past year since the start of 2022 creditors have implemented systems that identify CPN numbers,  they are no longer extending credit for credit cards, personal loans.  They are shutting down accounts of authorized users that add CPN numbers to their credit cards making it difficult for a CPN user to find a tradeline that will post.

The only value CPN’S have since these restrictions, even with a credit score Over 700, is renting a home/apt or purchasing a car.

Zippy Financial has discontinued this service due to these new restrictions and limitations.

We suggest credit repair or business credit as your first option. For those that still need a new file we offer a “Legal Name Change” service that will also give you a credit score over 700 to replace the need of a CPN. Learn more by clicking here.

It cost less to fix your credit in 45 days removing derogatories including charge offs, late payments, collections, student loans and inquiries for only $299.99. Inquires can be removed in 5-10 days.


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How much does it cost?

A service for all budgets! Find the right service level!

Credit Repair


Collections  Charge-offs

Late Payments  Inquiries

Student Loans

90-Day Credit Builder


This program is to establish a Paydex Score Over 80 with the Business Credit Bureaus

Removals off your credit report

Personal/Business Credit Combo


Collections  Charge-offs

Late Payments  Inquiries

Student Loans

Inquiry Removal


$199.99 (for more than 10 inquiries on closed accounts)

$20 per inquiry(must have a minimum of 30)

Remove inquiry’s in 5 to 21 days.

Authorized Tradelines


$280 Tradelines Over 10k Limit

$250 Tradelines Under 10k Limit

Buying one trade line will increase your score 40-45 points

Buying up to 5 tradelines can give you an approximate increase of 200-225 points in your fico score.

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* Under FCRA Laws creditors and credit bureaus must respond to your disputes in 30 days
* A minimum of 70% of derogatorie accounts will be removed within 45 Days
* Inquires can be removed in 5-10 Days

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