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Why it is important to Remove Hard Inquiries from your Credit Report

Hard inquiries effect your credit score but you can remove inquiries as each one will boost your score 3-5 points. There are multiple factors that reflex your credit such as collections, charge offs, late payments and student loans and public records. Creditors will give approvals based on the credit score and even if it’s a high score you’ll be denied if you are over the required threshold.

There is a requirement that you must meet when it comes to inquires which is no more than 3 in 6 Months and 6 in 12 Months. Once this limit has been  surpassed you are likely to be denied no matter how high your credit score is. Inquiries can only be removed on closed accounts and not on open accounts. Inquiries will remain on your credit for 2 years but only the last 12 Months impact your credit score.

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How Hard inquires impact your credit report

There are two inquiry types which are called hard and soft inquiries but only the hard inquiries effect your Fico score. When you apply for credit such as a mortgage, credit card, vehicle or personal loan a lender will have you fill out an application and use your social security number to determine your approval. This will allow them to view your credit score from all three bureaus.  Now it report as a hard inquiry on each credit bureau they pulled the score from. This will now show the creditor who looked at your report, date and what you applied for. Once it reports to the bureaus it will drop your score between 3-5 points per inquiry and limit you from getting approved.

You should be aware of the lender you are applying for before filling out your credit applications. Some lenders are more strict than others so know the policy of each creditor before you apply. For example, creditors such as American Express are more lenient when it comes to inquires so know the rules before filling out the application.

Remove Over 10 inquiries for only $199.99 and $20 per inquiry removal.

Soft inquiries which will not harm your credit score

A soft inquiry will not report to your credit file. Lenders will check your score and do a pre-approval to see if your are a potential candidate to receive credit and this will not effect your credit score. When you are buying a car, getting a mortgage or seeing which credit cards you can obtain creditors will do a soft pull so that they can evaluate your credit status amongst multiple lenders.

For example: If you are looking to get a credit card they can run your credit to see which credit card companies are most likely to approve you based on your  current credit score. This will not impact your score.

Before applying for credit it is always best to get a pre-approval so that you do not accumulate multiple inquiries on your report. If you want to see what credit cards match your credit score you can get a pre-approval to see who is more likely to give you credit. There are primary tradelines that you can apply for which will build your credit and only do a soft inquiry.

Examples of a Soft inquiry

• Special offer for a  credit card
• Checking your credit score
• Background check
• Applying for Utilities such as gas or water
• Applying for a new job
• Applying to rent a home or apartment 

Open vs Closed Hard Inquiry

When inquiries report to your credit it will either be an open or closed inquiry based on your approval. For example if you applied for a credit card and accept the offer it is considered an open inquiry which means it cannot be removed. An application that is denied will report as an inquiry on a closed account can be removed based on it being inaccurate or unauthorized.

In order to remove these hard inquiries you must contact the credit bureaus and dispute these hard inquiries based on those factors. You can remove hard inquires on closed accounts but not on open accounts. For example if you have a credit card that you have used you cannot remove the inquiry from your credit file.

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How to dispute a lender that pulled your credit report

There are multiple ways to dispute an inquiry from your credit report. You can call the credit bureau or company directly and inform them that the inquiry is inaccurate or you can send a dispute letter stating that the inquiry is unauthorized. You may use  an inquiry template or personal written letter explaining why these inquiries should be immediately removed from your credit report.

The letter must include your name, address and phone plus the name of the company and date the inquiry occurred. You can also request documentation that shows the physical evidence that you applied for credit with the lender. It is always best to send your disputes via certified mail with a signature request to document your dispute to each credit bureau.

Addresses for all 3 credit bureaus

You must contact all three credit agencies below with a written request to remove the inquires you deem inaccurate. Each credit bureau has there own reporting system so you must prepare your dispute letter and address each one separately stating the reason why you are disputing you inquiries.

It is best to send certified mail with a signature request so that you have a documentation of your dispute. Include your drivers license or state ID, social security card and utility bill if the address on your identification does not match your ID. Once the bureaus receive your letters they will either verify or remove based on your dispute. You may also call the credit bureau or check your score with a monitor service to see if your inquires have been removed.

Remove Over 10 inquiries for only $199.99 and $20 per inquiry removal.


P.O. Box 4500
Allen, TX 75013

Trans Union Consumer Solutions
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016

Equifax Information Services, LLC
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374

Disadvantages when using the E-OSCAR Online dispute

The credit bureaus offer you an option to dispute your negative items online which makes it easy for the consumer. This allows you to put in your personal information and submit your dispute. The reason why the credit bureaus make this so easy is because it allows them to distribute the dispute expeditiously.

There are may disadvantages to using this system they set up for consumers because once you use this you are giving up your right to dispute the negative items again if they verify your information. Once this happens the negative item stays on your credit report for 7 years and you can no longer dispute the derogatory whether it is is your or not. It is always best to submit a dispute via mail so that you are protected under FCRA laws and can document your disputes.

Credit bureaus are large Billion dollar companies who collect you data to sell to creditors so understand your advantages and disadvantages to repair and create an elite credit file.

Here are the links for online disputes:

• Trans Union:


Whether the credit inquiry is deemed fraudulent and removed or legitimate, you’ll receive an update and explanation from the credit bureau after it completes its research.

Why it is is important to limit your hard inquiries

A hard inquiry are one of the many factors that will effect your credit score and too may hard inquiries will show that you are desperately seeing credit. Lender have requirements that you must meet in order to get approved for credit and if you are over the threshold within a 6-month to 12-month period your application will be denied. It is important to have no more than three inquiries in a 6-month period and no more than 6 inquiries in a 12-Month period. Once you have reached the required limit you will begin to see denials and hard inquiries will continue to report on your credit file and decrease your credit score. Creditors will now your profile as a desperate consumer looking to obtain credit.

How to avoid unauthorized hard inquiries

The best way to avoid unauthorized hard inquiries is to always be aware of your Fico score and know the requirements of the lender in order to get approved. Sign up for a monitor service so that you receive alerts on how your credit is doing Monthly and get pre approvals before applying.

Prepare your credit and build your credit so that lenders what to give you credit. Sophisticated consumers know use bank locators to know exactly which credit bureaus lender pull from before applying. Before applying for credit make sure that you have not reached the required threshold and if so use an inquiry removal service to delete your inquiries over the last 12-months.

Remove Over 10 inquiries for only $199.99 and $20 per inquiry removal.

Remove hard inquiries to raise your credit score

Check your credit before applying and make sure that you have not gone over the required  threshold.  The credit bureaus have a different policy when it comes to inquiry removal so know your consumer rights under FCRA laws which allows you to remove hard inquires on closed accounts.

When it comes to your credit all negative items can be removed under the Federal Consumer Reporting Act so know your rights and act accordingly because your credit is the key to your financial success. Learn multiple ways to build your credit to achieve an elite credit score.