The Four Marketing Tools for Your Business

Increase your company value to receive business loans

Website Development

A website is imperative to show your clients credibility and explain the services or products you sell. It is also a primary factor when applying for business credit as lenders want to see a professional website and social media platforms that show you have invested money into your business before they approve you for financial lending.

Its not simply putting up a website. When a person goes to your website, they need to see professionalism and every single item needs to stand out for sales and important content. It’s the heart and soul of your business that works for your companies advantage.

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Website Marketing and Hosting

Zippy Marketing utilizes keywords, meta tags, headers and descriptions along with good content.  We submit your website to Google maps, Google Console with a site map and get your analytics setup making sure you are found in the search engines.

We give you the lowest prices for hosting and you will receive free emails plus a free SSL certificate which are needed for every company. Your host and website are set-up under your name and address for complete control of your company.

Organic Marketing (SEO)

  • Meta Tags
  • Descriptions for Blogs
  • Daily blogs
  • Blogs are written for SEO. (Length of Sentences, Paragraphs, Content, Keywords for Google Console
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audit website links on the internet with keywords, page ranking, keyword density, external linking outside of Google Analytics
  • Backlinking

PPC (Google Ad Campaign)

  • PPC Optimization
  • Target Zip codes, age, gender, household income etc.
  • Ads set up for new listings
  • Budget to Google and scale up
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Review conversion rates of sign-ups
  • Remove negative keywords and add more relevant keywords

Social Media Marketing


  • SEO, Tags, Keywords
  • Google Compliance Guidelines
  • Create clever content to engage current follower base
  • Analytics
  • Time of day/best day for listings
  • Sustained Monitoring: resod to texts/posts/chats/comments
  • Ads or boosts  
  • Provide analytics
  • Aggregate Videos with website

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